Sunday, May 4, 2008

Buying cars, Diet Foods, Down payments, Disability Insurance and More @ the Weekly RoundUp

This RoundUp includes what are, in my opinion, some of the best personal finance articles from the past week.

The carnival of perosnal finance was hosted by Lazy Man Money. Here are my picks from the carnival:

The Festival of Frugality was hosted by Sound Money Matters. These are the articles I've found most valuable:

The Money Hacks Carnival was hosted by Money Hacks. My picks are:

More great posts from fellow bloggers:

This concludes this roundup. I hope you've found my picks insightful and productive.


Chief Family Officer said...

Thanks so much for including my car-buying post in your roundup! I really like your blog. This is my first time visiting and I'll be subscribing as soon as I post this comment :)

Dorian Wales said...

@CFO - Thanks for the great feedback. Always good to hear. I obviously enjoy your writing as well. Regards, Dorian

Think Your Way To Wealth said...

Thanks for the mention!