Friday, August 14, 2009

Making money online, Confirmation Bias and Lifestyle inflation @ Saturday Round Up

2 year recap and interesting reading from fellow bloggers

It has been a hectic year. My job takes up the best part of my life and between it and my 4 month old boy I have had little time to maintain The Personal Financier as I’d like.

I have been writing, here at The Personal Financier, for almost 2 years now and would like to think I’ve gathered a small crowd that enjoys my posts. I try to be innovative in my posting and avoid the shallowness which sometimes characterizes personal finance blogging.

I would like to believe my posts are useful and hold added value. I strive to walk off the beaten path as far as personal finance blogs are concerned. I would appreciate your comments and thoughts on the matter.

Interesting reading at fellow personal finance blogs:

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Anonymous said...
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Rick Carstens said...

thanks for such informative links they all are really informative and some are really helpful for some newbies in the market. thanks again for it